My Lab

As a part of big data team in IIE, the laboratory is focusing on basic research in machine learning. The laboratory aims to advance the frontiers of machine learning with theoretical analysis and design of effictive algorithms. We also want to channel theory and algorithms into applications of intelligent technologies. The laboratory includes:

  • Prof. Weiping Wang, whose interests lie in data storage and management under large scale setting.
  • Assistant Prof. Yong Liu, who is interested in large scale machine learning, kernel methods, and model selection.
  • PhD student Rong Yin, who is focusing in large scale machine learning for high dimensional data.
  • PhD student Jian Li, who is interested in large scale machine learning for large samples, kernel selection, and graph-based semi-supervised learning.
Assistant Director of IIE
Yong Professor
Principal Investigator
Rong studentIIE, CAS
Jian studentIIE, CAS